All Ages, Levels & Styles
Lincroft Music offers piano lessons for all ages and all levels 
ranging from the serious piano student to the casual piano player, 
starting as young as 5 years old, to teens and adults.

The reason why so many people have a beautiful piano in their
home is because they hope one day somebody will play it, including 
themselves. If you are one of these people, it's never too late to 
start learning, and you know what? - You do have the time.  Many 
people think they need hours of daily practice. Although it would be 
nice to have all that time to practice, the reality is no one has that much 
time in a day. 

Just a few minutes a day, or several days a week for a half hour or 
so is all you need to stay on the right path with a practice schedule.


We use modern graded piano lesson course books combined with in house lead sheets providing students with everything needed for learning all the essentials of studying the piano. We have thousands of choices in our sheet music and resources in our library available right at your fingertips!

We provide the latest technology in every studio!
​Each lesson studio at Lincroft Music is equipped with an iPad and microphone, allowing every lesson to be brought to the next level. When you've mastered the piano piece you've been working on, our teachers can then record your performance and email it to you! 

Having recordings of your playing is also an excellent way to hear your progression and experience growth as a pianist! Parents love receiving a surprise e-mail with a recording of their child playing as well!

Here, learn the music you want to learn. Choose from our extensive library of songs ranging from Billy Joel to Taylor Swift, Green Day to Bob Dylan, from Zeppelin to The Beatles, from Neil Diamond to 70's party songs, from Broadway to Disney and everything in between.

Or if you want to specifically study a certain genre we have programs available in rock, progressive rock, jazz, jazz fusion, jazz improvisation, blues, folk, and more.

Lessons for All Ages and Levels

Beginners to Professionals
Starting at age 5 to Teens to Adults

Learning Should Be a Fun, Pleasurable and Rewarding Experience Regardless of Age or Level of Playing