All Ages, Levels & Styles
Lincroft Music offers the most advanced and integrated guitar learning system, from beginners to the extremely advanced player. 

Starting as young as 6 years old, to teens and adults, all of our lessons are planned to your individual needs as a player and musical interests as a student.

Beginning guitarists of all ages can learn the basics and proper guitar instruction, as well as learning how to play their favorite songs in the blink of an eye.

Students are encouraged to bring in their choice of music to learn for
their lessons. Or if your want to specifically study a certain genre we 
have programs available in rock, progressive rock, jazz, jazz fusion, jazz 
improvisation, blues, folk, and more.


We Specialize in Extreme Advanced Guitar Studies

Our renowned advanced programs are completely individual to your needs as a guitarist. 

We offer advanced learning in Rock, Progressive Rock, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Blues, Soloing, Modes, and Arpeggios. We also offer classes in Folk, Country and Classical music and songwriting. Sight-reading and theory are available for all styles.

Professional Guitarists come to Lincroft Music to improve, hone, perfect their skills and be the best they can be, and you can too.