• Music Theory
  • Proper wrist, hand and finger technique
  • Develop reading skills from basic to drum chart interpretation
  • Matched and traditional grip
  • Build an understanding of song form
  • Learn to play drum fills and their purpose
  • Basic drumming rudiments
  • Learn to balance all facets of the drum set to produce a complete overall sound
  • Techniques to increase speed and improve relaxation and creativity on the drum set

All Ages, Levels & Styles
Students of all ages can learn technique, rudiments, how to read rhythms and how to play in all styles of music from Pop to Rock to Jazz. Our drum lessons are catered to your specific interests and needs. You can learn how to play your favorite songs, improvise and create.

Learning the drums should be a fun and rewarding experience for all students, and Lincroft Music makes sure to provide personalized lessons to help you reach your goals as a musician. We will help you learn at your own pace and cater to your specific interests. Our experienced drum
instructors are highly experienced musicians who not only have complete mastery over the drum kit, but also know special teaching techniques that will make your learning journey easy, rewarding and stress free. 

Drum lessons at Lincroft Music can start as young as 6 years to teens and adults. If your child is showing interest in the drums, it's never too early to start nurturing their desire for music. We cater each and every drum lesson specifically geared towards the students age goals and musical experience

Children studying percussion as part of their school's band program actually learn a variety of instruments. Included in the "Percussion" title are:
  •      Snare drum
  •      Xylophone
  •      Cymbals
  •      Maracas & shakers 
(High school level students also include)
  •      - Drum line knowledge
  •      - Bass drum

Our experienced drum & percussion instructors can help your child excel with their school band experience. More and more students are finding it very beneficial to supplement their school's music program with private instruction to fill him the sometimes major gaps of school group instruction, allowing them to master their instrument and reach new personal goals.